Hand Fasting - Tying the knot in the ancient way!

Handfasting Cermonies


 As a  pagan celebrant I specialise in traditional handfasting and commitment ceremonies and I will work with you to create your unique and memorable day, in the location of your choice. 

I have experience of wicca, druidry, and traditional witch craft and I can write a personal ceremony for you and your partner incorporating your own spiritual beliefs, vows and promises. 

I offer a range of ceremonies including:

Hand Fastings

Pagan Weddings

Wedding Vow Renewal, 

Baby Naming Ceremonies.

Hand Partings

Rights of Passage

Celebration of Life

Which ever ceremony you choose I will design a bespoke ceremony  reflecting your personal views & wishes.  

Provide magical tools including a besom, sword, candles & alter decorations if required.

Design your hand fasting cord, using colours chosen by you

I can guide a full Pagan ceremony, working with magical tools or a simple blessing; it’s entirely up to you! 


Lilac Witch - Supporting Couples to Tie the Knot in the the Ancient Way!

Prices from £100

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Tying the Knot


 A handfasting is a Pagan wedding and is a marriage rite used today by many individuals from all faiths and spiritual backgrounds. During the ceremony, the couple declare their love, share vows and exchange rings (if they choose to) .

The most symbolic part of the ritual itself is the tying together of the hands. This fastening of hands is steeped in tradition and magical meaning. In some rituals the hands are tied just for the duration of the ritual, in others they are left tied until the marriage is consummated physically.  “Tying the knot”, “Getting Hitched” and “joining hands in marriage” are all phrases which are commonly used today, but the terms originate from the ancient symbolism of the tying of the couple’s hands with cords or ribbons. 

Jumping the Besom~ handfasting Customs


 Another symbol of the joining of a couple together, is the jumping of the Besom (Broomstick). The besom is used during a Handfasting ritual at the end when the vows have been taken. 

This is the time when the couple "jump the Broom" and seal their union symbolically. Not only is the besom representative of the sexual union but it also symbolises a threshold that the couple are about to cross - one that leads to a new beginning.  

They jump the besom together, hand in hand to show that they are two parts of a whole, working together towards a bright new future and all it holds. This jumping of the besom becomes a leap of faith so to speak, that they take together to face what life has ahead for them, both good and bad