The Battered Cauldron ~ My Pagan Blog

Why the The Battered Cauldron Blog?

As I have explored my pagan journey I have experienced  both awe inspiring and challenging moments along the way.  I am an eclectic pagan and I have loved developing my spirituality from a range of sources including Druidry, Shamanism and traditional Witch Craft.

My cauldron of inspiration  is over flowing with  knowledge and wisdom and I still have so much to learn. Unfortunately the witch craft pathway is not always an easy  one, with fear prejudice and hatred sometimes rearing its ugly head. 

During the last 30 years I have questioned, challenged, wavered,  but ultimately stayed true to my path. My cauldron has received some bumps along the way but my Battered Cauldron although not perfect is part of my journey and I learn from it every single day.