My Path & Craft

My Path


 I am a practising witch and druid and am lucky to spend half my time in Celtic Cornwall and half my time in the Arctic circle in Northern Norway. Both are spectacular and magickal locations and I am blessed to be able to work with the natural environment and elements as well as fully immersing myself in the dark and light times of the year.

I love the balance of darkness and light and my “Wytch Crafts” are inspired by the Northern Lights and Midnight sun of Northern Norway as well as the ancient sites of my ancestors here in Cornwall.

I gain my inspiration amongst the standing stones, fogus and stone circles as well as fjords, mountains and waterfalls.  

I love all things natural and am passionate about the land, the sea and sky. Where possible I use  “foraged” items including wood, antlers and stone. 

I am a pagan celebrant and have had the honour of working with people from a number of different spiritual pathways including, wicca, druidry and more traditional witch craft based traditions. 

Please check out my  Battered Cauldron Blog where I share aspects of my journey.

Handfasting Ceremonies


As a  pagan celebrant I specialise in traditional  handfasting and commitment ceremonies. I will work with you to create your unique and memorable day, in the location of your choice. I can write a personal ceremony for you and your partner incorporating your own spiritual beliefs, vows and promises. I can guide a full wiccan ceremony, working with magical tools or a simple pagan blessing, it’s entirely up to you! I also offer naming ceremonies, rights of passage and celebration of life ceremonies. 

Intuitive Geomancy Readings


I was drawn to  Geomancy as  its an ancient form of divination that uses natural materials. The earliest forms of Geomancy involved throwing handfuls of earth, or stones or striking the earth with a stick. As part  of my witch craft experiences,  I  have developed my own system and I have spent a number of years  creating my  unique "geomancy" style based on  “earth wisdom”.   I offer intuitive readings using wooden tokens and my animal guides; Hawk, Bear, Salmon and Stag.